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If you’re searching for the best deals on auto insurance, then you can start with a Loya Quote online. Let’s take a close look at some basic tips that will help you get better coverage and save hundreds too. Consumers don’t want to go to a physical place for shopping, instead, they are turning to the web to shop for just about anything.

This includes buying auto insurance. In the past, you had to call several local agents to try and get the best rate. Thanks to the internet, it’s easier than ever to shop for car insurance. All you need is a smartphone or any device connected online and you can start comparing rates in about five minutes.

Advantages of Direct Auto Insurance Quotes

Applying for online car insurance quotes has several advantages. Here are just a few.

  • It saves lots of time. People are busier today than ever before. Who has the time to call agents or travel around to brokers? Getting a personalized direct quote
    is fast and free.
  • Side by side price comparison. For the coverage you need, it’s possible to compare dozens of insurers’ lowest rates. This makes it easier to find the best deal.
  • You can apply for discounts. Most websites now let you apply for discounts online. This can save you even more money.
  • Easier to manage your policy. Most sites allow you to pay your bill and manage your policy all online. You can even print out I.D. cards and manage claims.

How Often Should You Compare Auto Insurance Rates?

Today, it’s so easy to compare rates, there’s really no excuse to not do it frequently. You should get quoted at least every 6 months, even if you have an annual policy. If you get a better deal, you can switch insurers in under 20 minutes. With Loya’s quote, you can not only review the rates of national carriers but also buy a policy online.

It’s especially important to check rates if your carrier has raised your premiums. In this case, don’t just automatically take the price increase. Take a few moments to see if you can find a better deal on the web. Many providers have initial incentive pricing that lures customers in, only to raise the premiums 10% or more when the policy expires. Get into a habit of checking quotes every six months.

You Can Cancel Your Insurance Plan at Anytime

Remember, you can cancel your insurance coverage anytime and switch to another company. Just make sure you have no gaps in coverage. That’s a red flag to insurers that will cause your future premiums to go up. Also, don’t be emotional with insurance and feel like you need to be loyal to a certain company. They can easily cancel your plan at any time. If you find a better deal, switch over.

Compare Regional and National Auto Insurance Companies

There are so many television commercials out there promising the cheapest car insurance, or you can save 15% in just a few minutes. You should keep an open mind while searching for the lowest cost plan. A national provider might have the best deal or a regional insurer. You won’t know until you compare side by side rates. Always compare state and regional insurers, along with national providers.

Check for Customer Reviews

Price is important but it’s not everything. Before you buy a policy, check out the company’s reviews online. Look to see if they have excellent customer service, both online and over the phone. Also, check their claim processing reviews. Some carriers are notorious for delaying claims. This is a huge red flag. After all, you’re paying your premiums each month, so in the event, an accident occurs, your claim will be paid as soon as possible. Stay away from any company that has a bad rating.

Check Each Providers Financial Health

Another huge tip is to do a quick search on the insurers financial well being. Go to A.M. Best website and check out the grading. If you see a company with a “C” or lower grade, stay away. This means the company is not stable financially. It could mean a possible bankruptcy in the near future. It’s best to go with an insurer that has an A or A+ rating. An “A” rating means a company is managing its finances well and has the means to pay claims right away. A carrier with a “B” score means they are in good shape but have some small financial issues they need to take care of.

How Much Can You Save With a Direct Policy?

Several studies have been done online that compare rates from traditional agent bases companies to direct auto insurers. Most consumers over 25, with a good driving record, can save $300 or more just by shopping for a direct plan. To see the savings for yourself, get a Loya quote and lower your auto insurance bill.