Know how you can file your car insurance claim

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Know How You Can File Your Car Insurance Claim

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Car accidents can occur anytime, and it can be a minor or major accident, so you always need to be prepared. Remember “Murphy’s Law” anything that can go wrong could also go wrong. This of course includes auto accidents. If you do get into a wreck, you need to know beforehand how to file a claim. Let’s go through the process so you can prepare yourself beforehand.

When there is an occurrence of an accident, we hope no one is injured, and all are safe. But this is when you would need the services of a car insurance firm. If your vehicle is damaged and if you are planning to file your car insurance claim, it is important to document the events that have occurred at the time of the accident. All the details about the accident scene have to be documented in a said format.

You also need to file crucial info from the scene as it helps in the smooth processing of car insurance claims.

The info you need to document is as follows:

  1. The names of all the drivers who are involved
  2. Total number of people traveling in the car
  3. Addresses of the drivers along with their phone numbers
  4. Details of the insurance companies of the drivers and the policy numbers
  5. License plate numbers of the cars involved in the accident
  6. Detailed descriptions of the other cars like their make, the model, and the year it was manufactured
  7. Photographs of the damaged car

Don’t you like the format? You can get in touch with our claims representative who would assist you with the details. If you think that the accident has occurred due to your fault, it is advised that you do not admit it as your fault. You can just act cooperatively with the local police who would arrive at the accident scene.

Here is the process you need to follow next once you file your car insurance claim

The process of claiming your car insurance might not be as hard as it seems to be. Once you report the car insurance claimYoung America Insurance assigns a dedicated representative to assist you with the complete process. Young America assure you that you would hear back from us within 24 business hours to gather all related info about the accident.

The claims representative would then schedule the inspection of the vehicle based on a convenient time. No significant damage? You can share the images of the damaged vehicle or even use video chat in order to get the appraisal.

You might choose any option and rest assured that our dedicated claims rep will assist you with the complete process, he would help you, how?

  • To decide on how the inspection is held on the damaged car and if an inspection is required or not.
  • Helps you by arranging a car for rent while your vehicle is being repaired or inspected at the shop.
  • If your policy includes the rental coverage, we even pay for the car hired by you.
  • Explains how one can easily monitor the status of the claim online.
  • Helps you with reputed and trusted car repair shops in your locality.
  • Helps to update the status of your claim.
  • Clears any doubts you might have during the process.
  • Supports you with 24/7 customer service with any questions or issues you have
  • Help settle your car insurance claim in a fair way so that you get back on the road in no time.

The process Followed by Inspection

Not all the car insurance claims call for an inspection. You can even use the photo claims or the video appraisal option to skip the step. If your claim would need an inspection, the dedicated claims representative will help schedule an appointment with the claims appraiser who would come and examine the vehicle.

We will make sure that the claims representative will contact you with a business day to discuss the estimates for vehicle repairs. Depending on the damage occurred, the appraiser will either help settle your claim or might schedule the appointment to conduct the inspection in person.

The Report of Adjuster

The claims adjuster determines if the vehicle damages can be repaired or not and if it can be repaired, they will then contact the claims representative with the estimate of the damage caused.
The amount that gets paid towards the repairs of your vehicle will entirely depend on the type of policy and coverage you have chosen and also on the kind of incident that occurred. In case when the adjuster admits that the repair costs of the car would exceed the actual worth of the vehicle, the claim would be written off stating it to be a total loss. This is when your claims representative will recommend for a settlement which is again based on a number of factors, your car’s worth being one of them.

The Process of Repair and Recovery
This process can vary depending on the circumstances, but our claims representatives will assist you through the complete process of repair and recovery.

Roadside Assistance

If your policy has the coverage of emergency road service included in it, we can help arrange for a tow in case your vehicle experiences any mechanical breakdown all of a sudden. We would arrive at the stop and tow your vehicle to the nearby repair shop. In case you meet with an accident, and you cannot drive your vehicle from the accident scene, the collision and comprehensive coverage will help cover those charges that occur when you tow the car to the yard.

The Repairs and the Inspection

The car you own can be taken to any shop for repair or for inspection, Young America helps you find a repair shop nearby. As mentioned earlier the vehicle is inspected in person to check for the damage occurred. The inspection can be done if the damage to the vehicle is minimum. You can also opt for the vehicle towing service so that your car is towed to the shop to complete the inspection.

Car Rental

If your car insurance policy you own has the rental car coverage, we take care of the expenses incurred with the car rental when your vehicle is in the repair shop. In case you do not have the car rental coverage in your policy, Young America Insurance Company would still help you with the best car rental provider.

We are here for you when you need us and offer the best customer support possible if you file a claim and need assistance.