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Are you shopping for a reliable car insurance policy at the best possible rates with the lowest deposit? You might have come across the term “instant car insurance no deposit” quite often. Some specific policies are also advertised as “no down payment” policies. While these policies sound interesting, it is important to note that these have been worded intelligently to get you interested in a policy that might or maybe won’t save you money.

That’s because when you closely inspect the given set of attractive car insurance policies, you will observe that these policies often don’t save you money but might also cost you more in the long run. Let’s dig down further and learn more about these policies in detail.

What Exactly is a No-deposit Car Insurance Policy?

Also referred to as the “No down payment” insurance policy, the no-deposit car insurance schemes deliver great assurances to the customers. This prevents making extra deposits in addition to the premium of the first month. Customers would sign up for the full coverage.

While buying an all-new no-deposit car insurance policy, the customers can pay the entire premium upfront or split the same into monthly payments. The down payment amount is known to include the first month’s premium during the sign-up process. This amount is mostly higher in most cases.

This is wherein the third option comes in. The no-deposit car insurance policy helps split the premium amount into monthly payments. However, they are offering an “out” condition in case of an additional fee. This is referred to as the “deposit.” The respective insurance companies fix this amount for the given first month.

Instant Car Insurance No Deposit

How does an Instant Auto Insurance No Deposit Policy Work?

Opt for splitting the entire premium into dedicated monthly payments. You can still expect to present a reasonable sum of money when signing up for the new policy. The respective down payments on the new insurance policies can sometimes go as high as 20-30 percent of the total premium amount or equivalent to some monthly payments in advance.

No-deposit insurance policies are known to be set up in a manner that appears as if these are wavering off the given fraction of the initial payment fee—signing up for the insurance policy. You will be paying what you expect to be the average amount for a monthly payment with no additional deposits. Simply put, your first installment payment will be considered the deposit amount. So essentially, you are not paying a deposit and getting instant coverage with a direct provider online.

States Where Instant Car Insurance No Deposit is Available

  • California
  • Washington
  • Florida
  • Arizona
  • New York
  • Georgia
  • Oklahoma 

Companies that Offer Instant Auto Insurance with Nothing Down There are just a handful of insurers that offer these types of deals. They include:

  • Progressive
  • State Farm
  • Allstate
  • Safe Auto 
  • Kemper
  • eInsurance

How to Qualify for Car Insurance with Nothing Down?

Various insurance companies use varying standards to qualify for the given policy. Some of the criteria for the policyholders who wish to pay the insurance premium every month include:

  • Good credit score 
  • Excellent driving record 
  • Strong history of paying insurance Continuously
  • Drive Fewer than 1,000 Miles per Month
  • Drive a Used Vehicle that is Cheap to Insure 

No Upfront Payments

Have an excellent driving record, and you get access to secure no-deposit car insurance without making any upfront payments. An excellent driving record over several years will be highly attractive to the respective insurance companies. This is why the car insurance company would offer the given non-up-front deposit option for attracting such excellent drivers.

An excellent credit score also serves to be highly helpful in getting a car insurance policy with no upfront costs. Insurance companies are going to expect such individuals are going to pay their respective bills on time.

To top it all, when you feature an impressive record of paying the insurance premiums on time with a specific insurance company, this also serves helpful in ensuring the no-deposit insurance policy.

How does a No-deposit Insurance Policy End Up Costing You More Money?

This is where the tricky part comes in. Prevent from paying the more considerable sum of the down payment when you sign up for the insurance coverage. The insurance company must still make up for the given amount throughout the entire policy’s lifespan.

This implies that they will probably make the respective monthly premiums higher than if you had paid the deposit amount. To make matters even worse. They might even consider charging you more than the required amount to make up for the difference.

Why Would You Want a No-Deposit Auto Insurance Policy?

The option of a no-deposit car insurance policy might turn up attractive to customers who might not have a large sum of money to offer for the policy during the time of signing up. The chances are that you might have recently moved for some job or might have purchased a car. As such, your finances might become slightly tight. In such a scenario, you might not be able to afford the car insurance policy’s expensive premium as a lump sum upfront.

Initially, insurance policy customers who struggle for cash tend to opt for ensuring monthly payments. In this case, they might not be able to afford the additional deposit fee on top of the first premium. In such a case, the no-deposit insurance policies can help the customers put off some money back until they get ample time to save significantly.

No Deposit Policies

Even after knowing about the higher costs of the no-deposit policies, some customers might still consider the policies to work in their favor. In some cases, the money is not available upfront. Someone might be aware that their job will provide them the affordability to pay the difference in the subsequent months. In the given situation, additional fees are included in the respective monthly premiums, which might appear worthwhile.

Car insurance policies are known to be calculated annually. Therefore, you can consider paying up for the same as a single lump sum amount upfront or splitting the respective payments into monthly bills that can be auto-paid using your credit or debit card. Most of the monthly payment policies are known to include 20 percent of revenue during the first month. However, the no-deposit policies tend to spread the given cost equally throughout the year. This makes it appear that you are not making any deposits.

When do the Payments Start?

If an insurance company is offering the “no deposit” insurance scheme, it is essential to know that the first payment will be just a few days away. This is because the given car insurance premium must be paid before you get behind the wheel to ensure that you are insured to commence driving immediately.

  • Paying Annually: In this scenario, you will pay for the insurance policy annually –in one go. As you will be spending the full amount all at once, there will not be any requirement to pay the interest amount. As such, overall, you will end up paying less. However, it also implies that you make one huge payment in a lump sum. This is something that is not afforded by everyone out there.
  • Paying Monthly: In this case, you will be setting up a direct type of debit while spreading the entire cost into smaller, regular forms of payment for the whole year. While it might appear that you are getting access to cheap car insurance every month without any deposit requirement, it is a type of loan. As such, an interest amount is charged on top of the overall insurance cost. It will end up costing you more in comparison to paying the amount annually. You will not be able to cancel the direct debit if you save money every month.

Moreover, the insurer will keep chasing you for the respective outstanding amount if you cannot meet the desired repayments. In such a case, your overall credit record will get affected. This will make it harder to get credit cards, loans, and other relevant credit products in the future.

Who is Eligible for an Instant Car Insurance No Deposit Policy?

The process of applying for the no-deposit car insurance policy is similar to that of other car insurance policies. There are specific factors that might affect the overall eligibility and costs of the policy in addition to the deposit amount, just like different insurance policies.

Some of the factors that might affect the no-deposit insurance policy are:

  • The kind of car you are driving 
  • The Location Where You Live
  • Your Driving & Credit History 


Irrespective of the option you select for choosing the car insurance policy, you should ensure that you have coverage that fulfills your unique requirements. Be attentive to the information being provided. Check whether or not the advertisements are legit. Insurance should be ultimately aimed at providing security. Get a free online quote today to check to see if you qualify for instant car insurance with no deposit. Start by entering your zip code.