We will guide you through Your Choices for Car Insurance

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We will guide you through Your Choices for Car Insurance

Making the right choice with insurance coverage for your car can be very complicated. In addition to the many factors that need to be considered, your province of residence can play a huge role (provinces often have some specific mandatory requirements on auto insurance). This highlights the knowledge of the numerous local agents of Young America Insurance who are on standby and very prepared to provide exclusive assistance in designing an ideal policy for you, as maybe the greatest reassurance needed.

What coverage does mandatory auto insurance include?

  • Liability
    Offers protection to you when involved in an accident in which you happen to be legally responsible for the death or injury of other individuals. Damage to the property or vehicle of the individuals is also covered.
  • Accident Benefits
    This involves the provision of compensatory benefits like rehabilitation, medical bills, and disability caused income loss (excluded in Quebec) etc.
  • Compensation for directly Damaged Property
    Provides you with coverage for damage to property your vehicle is carrying and the vehicle itself, when the vehicle responsible for the damage is similarly insured within your province.

Which optional auto insurance coverages should I check out?

  • Upset or Collision
    Provides cover for repair expenses or your vehicle replacement (unless deductible by you, the actual value) when you get involved in a collision with an object (guide rail, tree) or another vehicle.
  • Comprehensive
    Provides cover for physical damage to your vehicle not caused by a collision but by some or one of the following:
    vandalism, theft, fire, explosion, falling objects, windshield damage, lightning, or damage caused by an animal.
  • Specific Perils
    This is similar to comprehensive coverage with some limitations. It provides cover to your car’s physical damage resulting from a list of specified perils like lightning and fire, hail or earthquake, theft or attempted theft, explosion, riot, windstorm, falling or crash landing aircraft etc.
  • All Perils
    Completely covers you with combined Comprehensive and Collision coverages.
  • Loss of Use
    Provides compensation that covers alternative transportation costs resulting from your vehicle’s inaccessibility due to theft or damage and repair (taxi or rental car).
  • Damage to a Non-Owned Vehicle
    Provides covers for damage to a car not owned by you. For example, a rental car.
  • Waiver of Depreciation
    Make sure this coverage is added when your brand new car (at most 36-months old) is bought so as to be provided its full value especially if it is not included in the written covered claim
  • Claim Forgiveness
    Exclusively at Young America – we always ensure your rates are not increased in situations of at fault claims. We forgive the second claim as soon as the first expires.*
  • Disappearing deductible
    We effect yearly reductions on your deductible for terms with no claims. The consecutive reduction of your deductible after every term with no claim can progressively lead to its disappearance.**
  • Ticket Forgiveness
    Your rates don’t get increased due to situations like simply receiving a ticket for committing a small driving offense.***

How can I pay less for my car insurance?

Below are some auto insurance policy discounts;

  • “Take Two” Advantage®
    Combining your property and auto policy can be the best option for paying less.
  • Multi vehicle
    Combining the insurance of two or more cars can help you save more too.
  • Driver training
    Still a recently licensed driver? Benefit from discounts after completing a commendable Driver Training Course.