The quickest rising auto insurance groups in America

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The Rising Auto Insurance Groups in America

Loya Insurance Agency has made great development since 1974; from a single store façade in El Paso Texas to the eighteenth Biggest Hispanic Top 500 Owned and Operated Company in the United States.

With over 526 agencies spread across the US; Arizona, Alabama, Indiana, Georgia, Colorado, New Mexico, California, and Texas, Loya Insurance Agency due to its strong will regarding giving quick, reliable service and economical rates for general auto insurance is now one of the quickest rising auto insurance groups in America.

With the present high demand for our affordable services, we have decided to expand our company

Our agency is currently licensed in three extra states with future plans to extend our operations to Ohio. One great feature of Loya is that we offer our clients free auto insurance quotes even on the competitive general auto insurance. In 2013, The Loya Insurance Group composed over $500 million in premiums and protected more than 600,000 drivers with more than 420,000 dynamic strategies.

Behind every successful Auto Insurance Agency, there is a leadership structure holding it together; meaning that this structure is a very critical part of the company.

Our corporate officers include;

Chairman Emeritus – Loya Sr.
Chief Executive Officer – Loya Jr.
President – Flower Loya
Chief Operating Officer – Ben Salazar
Chief Financial Officer – Joe Ramirez
Vice President of Claims Department – Edgar Meza
Managing Attorney – Ricardo Chavez
Director of Information and Technology – George Briones
Senior Underwriter – Lana Ruiz
HR Director – Robert Estrada
Data Analyst – Leah Williams

These pioneers are and keep on being the main thrust in the achievement of Loya Insurance and the Loya Insurance Group

Despite the harsh economic condition the year 2009 brought with it, Loya insurance was able to impact business employment positively with over 2600 new employees. Our two corporate facilities were also established that year in San Antonio and McAllen Texas. These offices contained not less than 200 agents, which handle all cases for the Agency. More than 100 staff appraisers are dispersed all through our administration regions, giving our clients and petitioners nearby client benefit. Our cases office handles more than 9,000 cases for each month with expenditures surpassing $25 million every month.

Among our departments is the Legal department; this department contains more than 50 workers incorporating 15 in-house lawyers, paralegals, lawful associates, and secretaries.

Loya Insurance Group goes where the population is; marketplaces

We have offices in most market chains throughout California; Superior, Cardenas, Fiesta Whole Food and Liborio Supermarkets, etc. We also have offices on road corners, strip malls and office structures (in urban areas and towns of all shapes and sizes).

We also have offices in Lowe’s Foods stores, Fiesta Marts, and select Wall-Mart Super Stores in Texas and New Mexico. You can use our location finder to find our offices in any of these states. We anticipate growing our company in states like Ohio and Alabama soon.

At Loya Insurance Group, we believe in becoming a part of every community we establish a relationship with. We’re your companions and your neighbors, and we appreciate and value how local openness has added to our stunning development, and that is why our motto “Where Being Local Matters” is the consistent theme in the majority of our promotion.

As of 2013, Loya Insurance Group put more than $26 Million into its publicizing efforts

With no restriction whatsoever, our media promotion was created with the aim of pushing the company’s presence from Spanish Media to General Market Media; we utilize each real classification of media to come to our focus in business sectors.

As online marketing is a vital part of every growing business, we use the latest and advanced strategies to get better results when it comes to promotion. Some of these strategies include; Radio, Television, Billboards, Newspaper, Print, Yellow Pages, and Social Media.

From small beginnings to one of the quickest developing insurance agencies in America, Loya Insurance Group comprehends that achievement is measured by benefits as well as honesty also. We are the Young America Insurance Group here to give astounding insurance to your auto.