Cheapest Senior Car Insurance Online

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Cheapest Senior Car Insurance Online

A great benefit of being a senior is you can qualify for amazing deals on so many things, one of them being car insurance. You might ask, why do older drivers get better deals on coverage? The simple answer is they are safer drivers who take far fewer risks than younger motorists. Let’s look at what state has the cheapest senior car insurance online, so you can make the most out of your budget.

South Dakota has the Best Auto Insurance Prices for Seniors
In a recent study done by online price comparison site, South Dakota came in with the best prices for senior drivers over 60 years old. There are many factors for this, but one key metric is there are fewer accidents in this mostly rural state. Also, there are less auto thefts in South Dakota, which also drives down costs for those that need comprehensive insurance. It’s possible for senior motorists in this northern state to get liability car ins starting at only $29 a month. Check rates online at Young America Insurance and get better coverage for less. If you don’t live in South Dakota, don’t worry, you can still get great auto insurance for older drivers with these simple tips.

Seniors Over 50 Should Always Compare Multiple Car Insurance Quotes
If you have recently turned 50 and want to tighten up your budget, you can probably save hundreds per year on auto insurance. Here are the main reasons you should get a rate check-up and try and lower your premiums.

  • You hit the big 50 and want to qualify for a senior discount
  • You have moved to a rural area from a large urban city and want to qualify for better rates
  • You’ve been accident-free for 2 or more years
  • You’ve completed a certified safe driving class and want to apply for this discount
  • Your old insurer has increased your premiums and you need a better rate

What Factors Affect Senior Car Insurance Premiums

So many things affect the price seniors pay for coverage. Let’s look at a few of the big ones.

* The Type of Vehicle You Drive 

This is one of the biggest factors that affect insurance rates, in general, the more boring, less expensive and safe the car is, the lower the premiums will be. If you must reduce your ins cost right away and have an expensive new car like a Jaguar or Mercedes, think about downsizing. Buy a cheaper used car like a used Toyota Corolla and you could save $40 or more per month.

  • The Miles you Drive Each Month

One of the best discounts you can get is a low mileage one. Seniors that drive less than 800 monthly miles can save 15% or more. Since many senior citizens are retired and have cut back on their daily driving, this is a
discount most can qualify for.

* Having a Safe Driving Record

Past behavior is usually a good indicator of future behavior, this is also true when it comes to driving. Good drivers who obey traffic laws and rarely get tickets or accidents are rewarded with cheaper auto ins. If you have an outstanding ticket on your record, get it cleared up as soon as you can. Then, apply for free quotes at sites like Young America Insurance and reduce your bill.

Get Cheaper Senior Car Insurance Online

The final tip to getting the cheapest senior car insurance is to shop around a lot. The more quotes you compare, the better chance you have of getting the best deal. Insurers online usually have the lowest prices. This is because they use the cost advantages of the internet and pass those savings onto consumers. Direct carriers like Young America Ins can save consumers hundreds of dollars and hours of time. It could take you 2 or more hours on the phone to get ten quotes for your car through a traditional broker or agent.

With websites like Young America, you can fill out an application in under 4 minutes and instantly compare 10 or more rates. The service is free and the savings are real. Direct auto insurance policies are not only cheaper but easier to manage. You can pay your bills and make changes to your policy all online at your convenience. Apply now and start getting lower senior auto insurance coverage.