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Insurance to GoAuto insurance coverage can be expensive, and Insurance to Go is a good choice as even drivers with affordable auto insurance rates still go through periods when they need to cut back on expenses. There are many different ways to lower your auto insurance, and you should never wait until you need the money to look for lower auto insurance. Saving money is part of being a responsible consumer no matter how much you make.

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Auto insurance comparison is the quickest way to find the cheapest auto insurance rates but before shopping around it’s important to understand some options you have to lower the cost of auto insurance every month.

Auto Insurance Discounts with Insurance to Go

You often hear how switching auto insurance companies can save you money and one of the biggest reasons the numbers can seem attractive is that many drivers do not take advantage of all the auto insurance discounts they are eligible for. In a perfect world, an auto insurance company would automatically apply any available cuts, but we live in a world of commerce so never assume anything. Sometimes an agent may intentionally avoid asking you a question which may lead to lower premiums while others may just forget. The responsibility is yours to learn and ask about eligibility for any discounts offered. Some of the most common auto insurance discounts include:

  • Good Driver discount
  • Multi-Vehicle discount
  • Multi-Policy discount
  • Vehicle Safety equipment discount

Learn about auto insurance discounts here and make sure to look into policies with accident waivers. Many auto insurers offer single accident waivers which can save you a lot of money from your first accident. These waivers work by not penalizing you for a single crash within a specified period. Accidents are prone to happen, and it’s a desired piece of mind not to get punished if somebody else hits your car.

Reduce your Coverage

Many people are over insured or paying for insurance they no longer need. As well as To Go Insurance, GAP insurance is an excellent example of this. New car owners often take GAP insurance out when they buy a car, but a few years later when the replacement value of the vehicle is higher than the car loan balance, it doesn’t make any sense to keep paying GAP insurance premiums. Always review the details of your existing car insurance and see if there is any room to reduce your coverage without increasing your risk.

Of course, if you choose Insurance To Go, you can forego all additional and supplemental insurance and directly purchase a policy to conform to state minimum requirements, however, this is never a good idea. A single car accident can quickly cost you thousands of dollars, and this will not help any situation when your main priority is to save money.

Raise your Auto Insurance Deductible

Auto insurance deductibles are the amount you agree to pay before your auto insurance coverage kicks in. For example, if you file a claim for $5,000 in damages and have a policy deductible of $250 then you are obligated to pay the $250 before the car insurance company cuts a check for the $4,750. Regarding risk, the higher the deductible, the lower the risk of a policyholder filing a future claim, so auto insurance companies give big discounts when you opt for a higher deductible. The downfall is you will need the cash to pay this deductible in the event of a car accident, but sometimes the premium savings can be well worth it.

Auto Insurance Comparison is the Key to Cheaper Rates

There are many auto insurance companies to choose from, and while you may enjoy the friendly customer service of your existing provider, there is always another company with the same quality of service around the block. The trick to finding the cheapest auto insurance rates is to compare auto insurance quotes from multiple providers and chose the best combination of cost, quality, and coverage. It may take a little time, but millions of drivers switch auto insurance companies every year saving money with a new provider.

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