Valuable and quality Young America coverage for your money

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Valuable and quality Young America coverage for your money

Anyone who patronizes Young America Insurance deserves to enjoy the real value for his/her money. He/she will enjoy more benefits ranging from enjoying quality protection to discounts that are beyond imagination.

Discounts in policy

Find out discounts that could help you save more at Young America Insurance today!

“Take Two” Benefit

When you insure your automobile as well as your property with Young America Insurance, you could be enjoying discounts on both policies


If you possess more than one automobile, and you insure them with Young America Insurance, you will be discounted.

Click Discount

Register any account with Young America Insurance and enjoy discounts on your automobiles.


If your association or your organization meets requirements for the Loya Insurance Group Scheme, then, you can also enjoy discounted rates on your home and automobile insurance.

Vehicle Discount

If your brand new car possesses some safety features installed with it or probably, you have a good driving record, then you might enjoy some discounts. Check out some of the discounts that might be available to you below:

Brand New Vehicle

If your brand new vehicle was purchased within past three years, then you can enjoy some discount on it no matter what model it could be; last year, this year or the coming one

Job-related Discount

Some discounts also depend on you’re the type of your job or your career.


You will enjoy some discounts if a vehicle marking device or an anti-theft device is installed with your automobile.

Private Parking Discount

If there has been some kind of space provided as parking space for your automobiles, such as a driveway or a private garage, you can be discounted too.

Winter Tire Discount

If the winter tire brands all the four tires of your automobile, you are also eligible for a discount on your automobile

Discount for farmers

You will also enjoy a discount when your vehicle is used basically for pleasure on a farm.

Lifestyle Discounts

Students, safe drivers, and retirees can also enjoy discounts on their automobile with the following discounts:

Good Student Discount

Drivers under the age of 25 and have good grades can enjoy this discount provided that they are licensed.

Away at School Discount

If there’s a driver that doesn’t drive regularly and is not up to 25 years of age in your household, provided he or she is more than 100km away from the postal address of your school, he or she may also be eligible.


Retirees can enjoy special offer only if they are above the 65years of age.


Customers that have been loyal and have been insured with Allstate for a long period, about three years or more; they are also qualified for this discount.

Ticket Forgiveness

If you are given a ticket for a minor driving offense, your insurance rates won’t increase

Driving Discounts

With Young America Insurance, safe and experienced drivers could be eligible for discounts.

Drive wise Discount

Be discounted for automobiles that are registered in our Drivewise Young America Insurance Program.

First Chance Discount

An exclusive offer for new drivers

Driver Training Discount

For the drivers that just obtained their license and they have gone through an accredited Driver Training, they could enjoy this discount too.