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GoodToGoInsurance  (also referred to as Good To Go Insurance) specializes in matching consumers with cheap car insurance plans. The auto insurance comparison website uses a specialized search engine to compare the cheapest auto coverage plans available.

GoodToGoInsurance / Good to Go Insurance

Minimum Car Insurance Coverage

For over 25 years, Good to Go Auto Insurance has offered the cheapest car insurance plans to the public. This included state minimum auto insurance with no down payment required. The value is less money up front, so you can get more for your money. There are multiple coverage options, including full coverage policies that require zero deposit.
To start saving, apply for a free online or toll-free phone quote. Just input some basic information, such as your vehicle make and model, your zip code, and your personal driver information. You will then be asked questions about the type of coverage you want. Other requests include your current insurance carrier and accident history.

Coverage No Matter What State You Live In

You don’t have to worry about lack of coverage in your state with a Good to Go Insurance policy. You can get almost any vehicle insured in all 50 states. This includes Alaska and Hawaii. No matter where you live, you will be matched with the lowest rates for the type of ins policy you need. You can even get a free online quote using a smart-phone or tablet.

The Good to Go Insurance Mission Statement

The mission of this fast-growing insurer is to help people across the United States find the cheapest possible goodtogoinsurance auto insurance coverage. This means drivers can find affordable liability, collision and comprehensive coverage all in one place at direct rates.
Liability coverage is the cheapest type of car insurance available. It pays for car repair and medical bills of someone who is hit by your car. It does not, however, cover your own incurred charges if the car accident is your fault. If you want better coverage than just the bare minimum, Goodtogo Auto Insurance also offers higher levels of insurance, which includes comprehensive coverage, which costs a bit more but offers greater protection.
The carrier targets its services and pricing towards younger drivers but has great rates for motorists of all ages. When you buy direct, all of the necessary paperwork is done for you online. This gives you the fastest way to find the cheap car insurance that you need. You can secure a policy and print out your I.D. cards in less than 30 minutes on the web.

What is the Direct Car Insurance Model?

One of the fastest growing national carriers is Good to Go Insurance. The popular insurer offers a variety of low-income insurance plans directly to consumers online. By selling direct to the public, the company can sell policies online, which results in cheaper costs that are then passed onto consumers. Most clients can save over $450 by switching to a direct plan. Securing the best auto insurance is an important decision.

Buying a policy that protects you and your family’s assets, including your home, is something that requires planning. Purchasing insurance online is always recommended for those looking for the lowest possible rates. Going with an agent gives you personal advice, but often comes with higher prices. Shopping direct is the easiest way to find discounted rates and is more convenient.

Good to Go Auto uses an algorithmic search engine to automatically calculate your rates. This is the best way to get estimates on the coverage you need. You can get your quote in just a few minutes when you use the free rate calculator. It’s much easier than having to wait hours for a quote from an agent or broker.

Accessing Secure Online Documents is Fast and Convenient

Another benefit of using the direct car insurance model is there’s absolutely no wait time for your insurance documents. Say goodbye to having to wait 7-10 business days for insurance papers to arrive in the mail. Now, as soon as you are approved for and pay for your coverage, you can print your insurance I.D. cards immediately from your computer or smartphone.

Good2Go Insurance Reviews

Almost every driver can find cheaper coverage with Good to Go Insurance plans. There are low-cost policies that are geared towards high-risk, non-standard motorists. If you are a higher-risk driver, there is an even bigger benefit to you with buying online than to someone who isn’t high-risk.

Although you can find instant discounts that will lower your premiums even more, it’s wise to read good to go insurance reviews first.  By searching for Good to Go Insurance reviews, you will save yourself a lot of pain by reading about the experience other customers have had with the www good2go com company.

Buying a direct policy can save you the pain of seeing your premiums go way high up just because you might be labeled as a risk. Some customers have written testimonials describing how well GoodtogoInsurance Auto has treated them despite being high-risk persons.

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Auto Insurance Pricing Information

If you know anything about car insurance, you’re sure to know that there of plenty of factors that go into the final pricing of your coverage plan. A company can determine your individual price based on your demographics, your credit history, and much more. They will especially raise your prices if you have any citations or accidents over the last 3 years.
GoodtoGoInsurance guarantees that you will keep your exact same rate for one whole year, so you aren’t hit with any surprise charges or price increases. There are three different types of goodtogoinsurance payment plans available direct through the companies website.

1) Economy Plan – This plan requires a down payment, but nothing more. You first pay the down payment, then your policy becomes active. Afterward, you have up to 20 days to pay the first installment of your plan. 17 days later, you pay the second installment. What’s left is due every 30 days from then on.

2) Quarterly Plan – The policy is activated right away, but you must make your payments every 4 months. The lump sum is higher, but you don’t have to pay as often as the economy plan. You can decide which works better for you.

3) Annual Plan – You make one single payment for the entire year at once. The coverage is active for one calendar year.

As soon as you pick your payment plan type and activate your policy, you’ll get email or fax confirmation. This will help you know what you’ve paid for. Get your Good2go Insurance quote online at Good2go com or talk with a representative for free over the phone.

How to Save More Money on Good to Go Car Insurance

There are many ways to save more money on car insurance with a direct policy with Good2go Insurance Company.

Go Direct and Buy Cheaper Coverage Online

By skipping out on the agents and brokers, you can save a lot of money in the process. Buy your insurance plan on your own, online at your convenience. In the end, you will be saving all the money that would typically go towards paying that agent a hefty commission.

Take Advantage of GoodToGoInsurance Online Discounts

The three biggest ways to get savings are by affiliation, loyalty, and discounts for insuring multiple cars. Be aware of advertised discounts, because not all of them can be applied to your plan. Also, look out for any limits on discounts with your insurance plan. For example, some of them only allow up to 25% savings. Get a plan that has unlimited discounts.

With Good2Go Car Insurance, you’ll find that there are a lot of great savings to take advantage of. Here are some of the more popular discounts that are available online:

  • Home and Car Discounts: If you get your renters or home insurance from the same company that you get your auto insurance from, you are eligible to receive a discount on both plans.
  • Life and Car Discounts: Similarly, if you purchase both life and car insurance together on the same plan, you will be able to save.
  • Multi-Car Discounts: If you own multiple cars, or if your family drives multiple cars, you can get a discount for bundling.
  • Low Mileage Discounts: Do you drive very little? Would you say that you drive less than 10,000 miles per year? If so, you can save money on your insurance plan with a discount.
  • Small Commute Discounts: Do you live close to home, only needing to commute a short distance to work? If so, you can save on your monthly premiums.
  • No Accident Discounts: If you have a nearly perfect driving record with no reports of accidents, you will be very loved by your insurance company. You can save big on this.
  • Days Per Week Driven Discounts: If you only use your car 1-4 days out of the week, you might be eligible for some savings on your plan.
  • Loyalty Discounts: Are you a long-term policyholder with your current plan? You’ll get rewarded for your loyalty with some sweet discounts.
  • Prior Insurance Discounts: If you had auto coverage right before signing up for your new plan, you can get rewarded for continuous coverage.
  • Alternative Energy Discounts: If you drive an electric, ethanol, or hybrid car, you can get discounts as a reward for having good environmental awareness.
  • Defensive Driving Discounts: If you’re thinking about signing up for a defensive driving course, now’s the time to do it. You can get a discount on your car insurance for taking accredited classes.
  • ALB Discounts: Does your vehicle come equipped with anti-lock brakes? That makes them cheaper and easier to insure. Those savings are passed down to you!
  • ESC Discounts: If your vehicle has electronic stability control, your car is safer and will, therefore, be cheaper to insure.
  • Passive Restraint Discounts: In certain situations, your restraints will lock you in automatically, keeping you safe from danger. You’ll be rewarded for that.
  • Anti-Theft Installation Discounts: Did you put anti-lock devices such as LoJack or Teletrac in your car? This is what helps you recover your vehicle if it becomes stolen. You can also get a discount on your auto coverage by having it.
  • Economy or Utility Car Discounts: If you’re driving an economy or utility car, which costs less to repair, you can save.

In addition to all of these discounts, you can also save on your plan if you own a home, are a good student, or pay your policy in full.

Group Car Insurance Savings

There are discounted rates on group auto insurance. This includes small businesses that need to cover 2 or more vehicles. Sometimes you can receive a group insurance plan through your employer, or through alumni groups and associations. It might be worth asking your employer or organization if there are group insurance rates available.

Getting Covered with Full Coverage

There are several Good to Go car Insurance policy choices, including full coverage. Some people have expensive cars and substantial assets to protect. In this case, it’s often smart to buy full-coverage auto insurance with higher limits. Make sure you understand how each of the plans works before you finalize your choice. The three main coverage types are:

1.) Liability Insurance

This is the cheapest form of auto insurance available that GoodToGoInsurance provides. It does, however, come with some limitations. It is a requirement by the state, but it will only cover the victim of an accident if you cause an accident. But if you are a low-risk driver with a great record, you can find liability insurance plans for as little as $29 a month.

2.) Collision Insurance

Good to Go Insurance also offers Collision insurance which covers a bit more than liability coverage does. If you get into a car accident with another vehicle, you can be compensated for your repairs to your car regardless of whether you caused the accident. If you are a good driver, you can get covered for as low as $59 per month. Apply for a web GoodtoGoInsurance quote and compare plans instantly.

3.) Comprehensive Insurance

The most detailed type of auto insurance plan offered by Good To Go insurance, comprehensive insurance covers pretty much everything. It typically includes PIP and collision insurance. If you have a new, expensive, luxury car, this is the best kind of insurance to get for it. If your car is stolen, vandalized, or damaged due to the weather, this insurance plan will help pay for the expenses accrued.

Fast Claim Processing

Your GoodtoGo com car insurance policy guarantees you some of the fastest claim processing. When you are in an accident and your car is unfortunately damaged, you need your claim to be paid on time and in full. GoodtoGo com Insurance makes the claim filing process easier than ever. All you need to do is file online or call a friendly rep to assist you with your GoodToGoInsurance claims. An agent can help you file the claim and will answer any questions you may have. You can check the status of your claim in real-time online and receive all the relevant status updates.

The Best Customer Service Representatives Around

Good to Good Insurance Company (not Go To Go Insurance) is proud of the quality and caliber of customer service representatives available. Friendly staff members are here to answer any and all of your questions. You can also get great advice to help you choose a plan that best works for you.

Most of them are bilingual. Whether you speak English or Spanish, you will find a friendly representative that will assist you once you call the current goodtogoinsurance phone number. They can give you great quotes over the phone and help you find discounts too. Many customers save between $500 and $600 just by switching their policy. You can also get a $100 credit when you refer family and friends.

The Cheapest High-Risk Plans on the Market

It can be extremely difficult for high-risk drivers to find affordable insurance. Being a high risk causes insurance companies (like Good to Go Insurance) to get scared, making them raise your prices on your premiums. There are low-cost plans that are specialized for younger, less experienced drivers. Also, people with poor credit or bad driving records can get new coverage for as low as $79 per month.

Apply for a Free Rate Quote Online with GoodtoGoInsurance

The website is extremely easy to use. It offers the ability to get quotes from up to 10 carriers at a time. If you are in the middle of your quote search and you need to exit the page for any reason, don’t worry. You can continue right where you started at a later time and finish.

You can get an online quote for any type of coverage you need at Good to Go Insurance new site. You can even find discounts that can save you hundreds more. Check out the updated website today. Start your quote search and lower your premiums today. You can start by entering your zip code and some basic information.